Thursday, July 27, 2017

Teacher Comments

I just finished reading your discussion posts for the month of June.  Your insights and connections to the book were excellent and I always enjoy reading your personal stories of struggles and triumph whether it be in sports, academics or the arts.

A couple of things for the July postings...
- Only respond to one discussion post from another student.  You do not need to respond twice, but are welcome to do so if you like what another student has written and can relate to it.

- Before each discussion post identify what chapter you are responding to in your answer.  For example:  Chapter Three -....

- Don't forget to reference a quote from the book when writing your answer.  You will lose points if you don't include a quote and page number from the chapter.

That's it.  I look forward to reading your July postings.  Enjoy the last few weeks of the summer.

Mrs. Hinde

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