Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Directions and Requirements

1.  Post one answer to each of the chapter discussion questions.
2.  Post one response to another student's post.

1.  Each answer to the chapter discussion questions must include a quote or reference to a topic from the chapter.  Include page numbers when referencing a quote or topic from the chapter.
2.  Each response must be thoughtful, respectful and demonstrate an understanding of the chapter.
3.  Each response to another student's post must be respectful.
4.  Each answer or response must be at least three sentences in order to receive full credit.

Total Points:
Discussion Question Responses (5 Total) - 10 points each - 50 points
Student Responses to Other Posts (3 Total) - 10 points each - 30 points total
TOTAL:  80 points

There will be NO accepted late posting past the deadline on the calendar.

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